Monday, June 15, 2009

Characteristics of Business management

Business management is process of making planning , organisation , co-ordination and control and there are large number of characteristics or feature can be written but main are following :-

1. Universal process

Business management is universal process . It means the steps for managing any company in India and in USA quite same . Because in management we takes different decisions which will not change in any country . This the characteristics of business management .

2. Continuous process

When we are very small in our childhood , our mother manage all things for us and when we became young we started to manage all our work and in business managerial activities are also operating every time from year to year . So business management is continuous process . When company sells their all products , it starts to plan new production and then for new production all new plans , organisation and control activities are started , so the process of business always continue .

3. Management by objective

This is also main feature of business management that all activities of management is done for getting the objectives of business . That is minimize the cost and increase the profitability of business .

4. Group activities

In business management , manager divides all work in very small part and he gets work from his subordinates . So , business management is also know as group activities and group of manager who takes work from others .

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