Saturday, April 30, 2011

Answers of Accounting Objective Questions

1. (c)

2. (b) 

3. (c)

4. (a)

5. (a)

6. (b)

7. (c)

8. (a)

9. (c)

10. (a)

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Master of Business Administration - Introduction

Master of business administration is the best degree in the field of management and finance . Large number of students get this degree from all over the world . The MBA starts first in USA after new revolution in the field of management and companies understood the need of scientific management .
Master of business administration degree in India is also famous . More than 1600 business schools have established in 2009 . Indian institute of management is the one of largest and oldest institute which is providing the education to MBA scholars . Now admission in IIM for doing MBA is fully CAT ( Common Entrance Test ) basis and anybody who qualify it can do MBA from IIM .

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why do you want to pursue a MBA?"

Large scale of students get admission in MBA and it has become craze to do MBA . At this stage , it is logical question Why do you want to pursue MBA ?

From Some time , I have done deep analysis of this question and today , I am ready to answer of this question . Pursue means " set your target " MBA is professional degree to do managerial work in any business organisation . After 1990 , It become vital degree for getting high standard job . So , MBA is best for any student steam . These days , if you are engineer , your are doctor , you are accountant or finance consultant and after this you have MBA degree holder , then your value must increase .

So, young people are giving preference to MBA degree but it is very low trend to open self independent profession after MBA . I think , every student sets their mind to do job and only to do job after MBA . That is wrong . Now MBA finance will help you to open your self independent professional office of finance consultant like CA . There are also other reasons for pursuing MBA which can be mention with following way :-

  • Enhance management knowledge
  • Increase communication skill
  • Increase the skill for trouble shooting every business problem
  • Getting the skill to utilize the knowledge in practical field

Thursday, July 16, 2009

High need of MBA finance in Rural management

Govt. of India has announced 39000 crores expenses on Rural development under Village employment guarantee scheme . It means large or high number of MBA finance are needed in future for rural development . MBA finance can take challenge to manage rural area by effective utilization of financial resources of Govt. of India.

How can do MBA finance

MBA finance can be done from any recognised university of India by giving the entrance test of CAT or MAT . After entrance test , candidate have to clear also group discussion and interview .

Why take admission of MBA finance in session 2009

Because in next 3 to 4 years , In India , the demand of MBA finance will increase in different govt. projects like , BHARAT NIRMAN , INDRA VIKAS , GRAMIN SARAK YOJNA etc. More over its annual salary package is more than Rs. 8 Lakh .

Job profile of MBA finance

MBA finance's main duty is to help in rural development So , that Govt. of India can increase per capita income of rural peoples . All fund is given by Govt. and international financial institutions like world bank and IMF . MBA finance also have to make planning of resource distribution.
If you have the degree of MBA finance , you can appoint in Co-operative banks , NGOs , Govt. development agencies , insurance companies in rural areas .

Monday, July 13, 2009

Comparison between chartered accountant and MBA finance

  1. CA is profession for auditing the company accounts . MBA finance is the profession for getting and utilization of company's fund by effective way.
  2. For becoming Chartered accountant , you need to clear the final exam of ICAI . For becoming MBA finance , you need to clear the final exam. of MBA in the specialisation of Finance .
  3. Chartered Accountant operate their profession independently. But MBA finance gets professional opportunity in companies and banks .
  4. For becoming , Chartered Accountant , you have to study advance accounting and auditing and also to understand different law's provision . But for becoming MBA finance , you have to study advance management techniques for handling the finance of company.

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