Friday, April 3, 2009

How to teach MBA classes

Because , I have already taught MBA classes , I can give you some tips for teaching MBA classes . Teaching to MBA classes is not equal to teach graduate classes because , In MBA classes , you can find many different speciality students . So , learning of psychology of each student is very necessary for better teaching in MBA classes .
I am writing some simple tips only for all teachers who are teaching or just are going for teaching to MBA classes .

Tip 1.

If some of students in MBA class are weak due to other subject graduate , then teacher should keep teaching slow with some extra guidance to bright students of MBA .

Tip 2.

MBA is big class , and it may happen that sometime teacher is not able to answer the question of a pupil at this time , he or she should say to MBA students the he or she will answer after consultation .

Tip 3.

If teacher wants to maintain classroom discipline , then teacher should provides a programme which is according to the need and interest of MBA students.

Tip 4.

Way of instruction should be such so that students can understand what is teacher saying and also try to conclude his lesson with in his lecture .

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