Saturday, November 15, 2008

career opportunities for M.B.A. students

In the entire field a manager is very necessary to attend, so there will be one M.B.A. for every organization .A single M.B.A. is fully capable to do each and every type of business activity.
In other words, if you have done your M.B.A. with full of honesty and dedication, you never live unemployed M.B.A. candidate. But, do not forget struggle. After M.B.A. , you life will start . Start your life like child in the career of MBA. You are fresher but your skills are not fresh.
There are following main career opportunities for M.B.A. Students:-

Ø Managerial post in every banks
Ø Finance manager in MNC
Ø Market analyst in every type of industry
Ø Managerial post in HR department of company

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