Monday, February 23, 2009

MBA Research

MBA -research means to find what is new in MBA. It is fully dependent on the hard work of MBA scholars . Day and night hard work surely create new inventions in the field of MBA.
There are following aims of MBA research

  • New

In MBA research , a MBA scholar always interested to find new thing . These days business and commerce is increasing very fast and if MBA Scholar has no skill to research he can not become good MBA professional .

  • Logical

His new invention must be proved by himself with effective logical beyond that invention . If there is no logic , it will waste the time both user and researcher .

  • Helpful for businessman

MBA scholars all inventions and researches must be useful for businessman . If his research increases the problems of businessman , then it will not effective . So , never research that invention.

  • For increasing efficiency

As good MBA scholar , it is his basic duty to research and invent new things so that it will increase the efficiency of company and its employees .

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