Saturday, December 6, 2008

To cover and to earn by becoming MBA - Finance

A finance accountant is very important for financial management or administration . Without his presence , it is imposible to operate any company properly .
It is duty of MBA - Finance to manage all financial matters .He is responsible to maintain all financial record , tax provision and other law relating to the company.


Due to the likelihood of powers , reputation , and earning , a large numbers of youth desire to make career in this field. But from some of last years , due to changes in the economy , this profession's reputation has been increased . There are many other reasons , working area of MBA - finance has been increase with changing in the time.

Today , MBA- Finance profession are seen as complete business providers .

Single Eye on the career of MBA - Finance

☼ Starting salary from Rs. 5 to 15 Lakh per year in Corporate Sector

☼ Earning between Rs. 5 to 12 Lakh per year , if started independent Profession of financial and managerial consultant

☼ Demand of MBA - Finance in India is more than 120000 persons.

☼ Demand of MBA-Finance in foreign is more than 30000 persons.

☼ MBA-Finance can be done by art , commerce and also science graduate.

Qualities of the persons who want to become MBA-Finance

☼ Basic professional attitude

☼ Patience

☼ Logical and mathematical skills

☼ Basics of management accountings

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