Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Types of Planning

Planning can be classified under different head points . To know what are different types of planning is necessary for manager because after this can make good plan according to needed plans for specific purposes .

1. Long term and short term planning

Long term planning is related to all estimates for long term works of company . These plans are made for 5 to 10 years and in this plans company can decides to get fund or invest money in different projects . But short term plans are made for one years . In this plans , company manager decides to make schedule of routine work and manager makes different policies and rules under this plan.

2. Formal and informal planning

Formal planning is relating to written plans and subordinates are responsible to do work compulsory . In every countries' company's managers make plans , that plans are formal only . But some time company manager can also make informal plans without any written formility and these plans often made in free time and these plans are made on the informal talking of different employees with managers .

3. Financial and Non financial

If plannings are related to aquire or giving to other , then that plans are called financial plans and non financial plans are those plans in which , there is no fund needed to give or take by any body .

4. Standing and one time plans

Standing or regular plans are those which are continually made by manager in business management . After completing of these planning the process of same planning after some adjustment will again started but in one time plans , planning are made only one time for special purposes and after completing of the purpose , plans are no needed for any work .

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