Monday, June 15, 2009

Levels of Business Management

1st level - Top level management

In this level , board or directors , managing directors and chief executive officer (CEO ) makes all plans , policies for companies . They have power to take different business decisions . Even shareholders who are the real owner of company is also comes in top level management but they have only voting power . But all top level works is done by board of directors .

2nd level middle level management

In this level all departmental manager involve for the activities of business . There are many department like research and development , financial and production , personnel and marketing . Managers of respective department is responsible for making planning and policies and taking different decisions relating to their department .

3rd level - Lower level management

Under this level , Foreman , job leader , group of batch and labours work for business . Their duties in factory , where the actual production work is doing and needed labourers for Keep on working it .

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