Friday, February 27, 2009

Aspect of management of debtors

1. Recording aspects
All person can become debtors , if they bought goods from any company . Company says them debtor or customer. So , it is duty of account manager to record all debtors , if the number of debtors are in millions , then we can also keep separate debtors ledger .
2. Cash receiption aspect :
It means when we receive money from debtors , it must be received by proper authority . Its record must be done both in cash book and debtor's account . So , that , we can easy transfer loss of bad debts to profit and loss account .
3. Provision for doubtful debtors
It is also the aspect of management of debtors . It is the duty of account manager to keep and record some amount of profit as provision for doubtful debtors . So , that when any loss happen due to not received money from debtor , at this time this provision can be used for new purchasing of goods . So , that our working capital shortage can be removed .

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