Monday, January 5, 2009

MBA - Finance Education Updates

In the beginning MBA was without any classification . All the subjects' burden was on the head of students either he took marketing specialization or finance specialization . But now some of Universities started MBA-Finance where only accounting , management accounting and finance related subjects will include in the the syllabus of MBA students . This is also benefited for those who want to make their bright career in the field of accounting . Moreover non commerce background students will also get specialisation in the field of accounting. Indian all universities have given acceptance about uniqueness of financial subjects in MBA finance. UGC also gives guidance that MBA finance Scholar must become in accounting and financial subjects . There is no need to give marketing and other management burden to MBA finance students .

But , in real sense , we see that , this will be adverse affect also because , marketing and personnel management is also connected with finance and a small education of marketing and personnel management should be also in the hand of MBA finance . All sector's scholar should know not only our field but should know other field , because in this business environment , we see that every field becomes dependent on other field . So , it will be better that MBA Finance educational syllub be made such a way , so that after completing MBA finance course , they can understand the business management not only financial point of view but also give analyse with other point of view .

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