Sunday, November 30, 2008

MBA Finance Notes

I have written Scholarly notes of MBA Finance . These notes will be updated from time to time So , If you want to take the benefits from these notes , you must keep in touch by our free email subscription or by RSS feed , So that you can get latest notes relating to your MBA Finance problems . Following , I am giving some links relating to MBA -Finance Notes according to the different lessons . In future I will more add so keep in touch .

Cost Accounting

Chapter 1. : Basic Concepts

Chapter 2. : Materials

Chapter 3. : Labour

Chapter 4. : Overheads

Chapter 5. : Job Costing

Chapter 6. : Contract Costing

Chapter 7. : Batch Costing

Chapter 8. : Operating Costing

Chapter 9. : Process Costing

Chapter 10. : Service Costing

Financial Management

Chapter 1 : Financial Management : An Overview

Chapter 2. : Working Capital Management

Chapter 3. : Tools of Financial Analysis

Chapter 4. : Capital Budgeting

Chapter 5. : Project Planning

Chapter 6. : Leverage

Chapter 7. : Capital Structure

Chapter 8. : Cost of Capital

Chapter 9. :  Finance

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