Monday, July 7, 2008

MBA Fields

1.Finance Management

In the world of financial market , MBA fiance are getting so reputed position . They make different plans relating to optional resources for business. The demand of finance manager are also increasing day by day.

2. Banking

If your interest is in the flow of money and its market , economy or financial matter . Then banking management is better option for you . In this field you not only think about the benefit and saving of your customers but also you can change economy through your financial plans .

3. International Business

IB is the field for MBA who has chosen the specialization in IB . If you have to develop business relation at international level , the IB management is good only for you .

4. Human Resource Development

HR - management identifies the capacity of their employees and if you want to take all responsibility of HR , you can make specialization in it .

5. Operation Management

If it is general view that some people are interested to solve other persons' problem , they solve every type problem . For such people , Operation management is good field .

6. Marketing Management

Marketing field is for those who are interested to sell and talk others for promoting sale .If you have special quality of marketing , then you take decision for specialization in it .

7. Production Management

In production management field two points are so important

  • Quality of product

  • Design of product

and these are the challenge for product manager.

8. Advertising Management

If you have special quality to summarize product detail in to one or two words or one picture , then advertising field is more suitable for your specialization.

9. Chain Management

Chain management is base of supply management of any industry . Look out the accounts of production , co-ordination of supply and retails are main part of this management . If you have capability to accept the challenge of this field , the chain management is good field of specialization in MBA .

10 Environment Management

We have only single earth to live on it . Due to increasing population and pollution and development of cities , people wants to protect their environment . A large number of international NGO needs MBA in environment specialization.

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