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Basic Knowledge of MBA Career

MBA Career tips means all tips which can be benefited for MBA Scholars when they are doing their manager jobs or when do their professional administrations . In these tips also includes that main point with these , MBA students can develop their career with new way . Some of these tips includes all basic pin- point which need for any career of any field . But some tips are only for MBA career specially . Every MBA scholar must know about these tips . I am giving the following tips for MBA career . I hope you will read it deeply , heartily and truly and act upon to shape advance design for your MBA career . Ist tip- Basic Knowledge of MBA background →→ Any MBA Scholar must know the basic background of MBA . Because often this question can be put at the time of interview . I try to give following question's answer
Q:-1 When , MBA course started ?
Answer : MBA course started in 19th century after industrialized .
Q:-2. What is the first university of Management ?
Answer : The first university of management was Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, established in 1881 .
Q:- 3. When first degree of MBA awarded and by which country and by which university ?
Answer : In 1950 the first MBA degrees were awarded by the University of Western Ontario in Canada
Q:- 4 What are main programme in MBA ?
Answer :
Two year MBA
Accelerated MBA
Part-time MBA
Executive MBA (EMBA)
Distance learning MBA
Dual MBA programs
Q:-5 What is Admissions criteria for MBA ?
Answer: Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT),
Q:-6 What are main subjects of MBA ?
Answer :
organizational behavior,
operations management,
international business,
information technology management,
supply chain management, and
project managementQ:-7 What are main Specialization area in MBA ? Answer :
MBA -accounting, Finance
MBA - corporate strategy
MBA - decision sciences ,property management, entrepreneurship, general management,
MBA - human resources,
MBA -international business, marketing, information systems
Q:- 8 When did MBA start in Europe ?
Answer : In 1957, INSEAD became the first European university offering the MBA degree .
Q:- 9 What are the number of Indian business school which is giving MBA education ?
Answer: 1600 business schools
Q:-10. What is the oldest business school in India for offering MBA degree ?
Answer : Indian Institutes of Management (IIM)
2nd tip- Interest in Management →→
If you are interested in management and administration , then this is the best career for you . Because for every manager , it is precondition . You must see every business activity as the part of management . If you can manage your home or personal activity . That is very good but for managing whole organisation or company , you have to get more skills . But , it is very good for you if you want that every work should be done with systematically and scientifically because managers approach only came after this thinking . In your career you will see different senior manager who can do every work with their predecided shedules , their plans and their way of organisation are strong . They can decide every thing but after thinking each factor of that thing . Other General Tips of MBA career
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