Thursday, June 18, 2009

Structure of Organisation

Organisation in simple words is the group of workers and employees who are experts in their field and they do their work for achieving the objectives of company . But without proper delegation of authority , they can not do their work . For delegation of work and division of work , it is very necessary for managers to make good structure of organisation . Structure can be made with different methods which can be explained following way :-

1. Line Organisation

Line organisation is that structure in which all the employees's authority is in line form . One top authority has power to direct following subordinate and whole organisation can easily divides in top level , middle level and lower level management .

2. Line and Staff Organisation

It is that structure whose shape in line form but every authority has some advisors who are the expert in their specific field and they guide authority for taking specific decision . It is the power of authority whether he apply the advice or not .

3. Functional Organisation

Function organisation is that structure in which there is not any line chain of Boss and subordinates but every employee who is expert in specific work become boss of his work and he is responsible only his work whole division of work is done on the basis of employees and labourers specialisation . There two big department one is planning department and other second is functional department . Now planning department appoints time and cost clerk , route clerk and functional department appoint speed boss , inspector and other functional boss for working in factory .

4. Committee Organisation

In this organisation , a committee is organised and in this committee , specialized personnel are included , they talk on specific problem and after this they provide special advice to administration for taking the action.

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