Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why do you want to pursue a MBA?"

Large scale of students get admission in MBA and it has become craze to do MBA . At this stage , it is logical question Why do you want to pursue MBA ?

From Some time , I have done deep analysis of this question and today , I am ready to answer of this question . Pursue means " set your target " MBA is professional degree to do managerial work in any business organisation . After 1990 , It become vital degree for getting high standard job . So , MBA is best for any student steam . These days , if you are engineer , your are doctor , you are accountant or finance consultant and after this you have MBA degree holder , then your value must increase .

So, young people are giving preference to MBA degree but it is very low trend to open self independent profession after MBA . I think , every student sets their mind to do job and only to do job after MBA . That is wrong . Now MBA finance will help you to open your self independent professional office of finance consultant like CA . There are also other reasons for pursuing MBA which can be mention with following way :-

  • Enhance management knowledge
  • Increase communication skill
  • Increase the skill for trouble shooting every business problem
  • Getting the skill to utilize the knowledge in practical field

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