Thursday, June 18, 2009

Steps of making Orgainsation

There are following steps in organisation process :-

  1. Identification of Work

First of all identify your work . What are main work and what have to be done because these problems are the objectives for making organisation and it should set first .

2. Division of Work

Division of Work is the second step for making organisation . With division of work , every employee and worker can easily know what work is for him . With this he can do better work also.

3. Assigning of Work duties

After division of work , worker are given different work duties . This is very helpful for determination of the responsibility of employees .

4. Delegation of Powers

After assigning of duties , employer delegates his powers , so that employee can do his work properly .

5. Coordination and co-operation

After delegation of authorities , it is very necessary to enhance the coordination and cooperation among employees .

6. Feed back

Feed back receives from employee . They can explain formal or informally that they are satisfied from division of work or not .

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