Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Features of planning

Feature of planning means all characteristics of planning which shows its symptoms . To know features of planning is also important for MBA scholar in the subject of business management . There are following features of planning :-

1. Intellectual process

For making planning , manager has to think with brain and after deep intellectual they can make good plan . So , it is the first feature of planning .

2. Continuous process

Planning is continuous process . If one circle of planning completes , then again same circle activate and this process is continually works in the life of business .

3. First Function of management

This is the first function of management . With this no other function can be performed . After making of planning all other function can be activated by manager .

4. Forward looking and thinking

Planning is deciding in advance what to be done . So it is the thinking and looking of future and its different work which is done in future .

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