Friday, March 20, 2009

How can MBA professionals increase their salaries

For getting MBA degree and get dream job in Global market is the aim of any young person . But when , they become professional in Global Market , at that time , they need to adjust their salary expectations. Every young MBA wants more salary for his work . But how it possible , they do not know . But I have some idea which can be helpful for all young MBA professionals .

Idea No. 1

Start to independent management consultancy work. When they will start their management consultancy work with their job . It will increase their reputation in Global market and one day , you will become the decider of your salary because , demand of high professional MBA is always in the same direction of deserve MBA persons .

Idea No. 2

Never work in such organisation which decrease your salary standard . Sometime , due to completing last contract and not obtaining new contract several MBA starts work under low profit organisation . It will surely decrease your salary level . If you want to increase your salary then be patient or start to search high ranked company or organisation for performing your duty .

Idea No. 3

If you want to increase your salary then , fix the target of next year salary and start work hard with full concentration and check the weak point of your company and remove these weak point of company with your skill and ensure your higher authority that you deserve for promotion . And if you get promotion letter , it means you will get higher salary .

Idea No. 4

Always pick or catch the opportunity in your MBA career . A person who can not pick right opportunity at right time , will never succeed in life . Getting higher rank job opportunity means high salary and high rank .

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