Thursday, January 22, 2009

MBA - Career as a Challenge

Today, businesses are going to recession. It means their production is more than their sale. So, at this time if you have choose MBA career, this is really a challenge because, all decision depends on manager's thinking and strategy. If a manger makes good plans and policies, then business can save from this recession. Managers have the capacity to make competitive strategy and get the part of business from competitors. If you want to make MBA career as challenge, then you have to learn business policies and managerial strategy. Because business policies and managerial strategy are so important for MBA. Different policies like marketing, production, finance, research and development are make integrate business policies. MBA Scholar utilizes these policies for benefits of business. He uses business strategy for integrates an organizations major goals, policies and actions. He tries to design strategy in such shape that is helpful for achieving basic objectives of enterprise. There are following challenges for MBAs:-

1. To achieve vision, mission, objectives and goal of business :-

It is main challenge of MBA to achieve the objectives of business . Main objective of business is to increase profit and decrease all losses of business but MBA see long term progress of business means stable and optimum level of business’s progress.

2. To scan business environment :-

Scan of business environment is the responsibility of MBA. It means MBA see the different things like economy, competition, technology, social responsibility and other cultural factors of business. After then he has to make different business plans.

3. To internal analysis of business

This is also challenge for MBA to internal analysis of business . What is the product of company , how it made , what is its quality standard , what is its price , is it suitable for world market and there so many question relating to internal analysis of business , because after understanding and analysis these internal factors MBA can make the better plans for business .

4. Quality Control :-

Quality is so important for business. If any business want to exist, then it is responsibility of MBA to check the quality whether it is under standard or not. If it is not under standard then control the quality and improve it.

5. To do Strengths , weaknesses , opportunities and threats Analysis ( SWOT Analysis ):-

SWOT analysis is so important not just India but also in whole world. All business school train their MBA scholars in SWOT Analysis because weakness of business and how to identify them is the major skill of MBA. Because after this weakness can be converted into strengths of business.

6. To develop strategic Alternatives:-

A MBA scholar does not make just one strategy but he develops different strategy alternatives.

7. To apply different strategy :-

Not only making of strategy but its application is also so important, MBA uses different techniques to apply different strategy at different time.

8. To collaborate the different links and sources of business :-

Business is the name of links and sources but MBA is name of connector of different links and resources of business .

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