Saturday, November 15, 2008


Definition of M.B.A.
M.B.A means master of business administration. After graduation , the student can get do post graduation in this field .M.B.A. enhances the knowledge of students in the field of management .After clearing M.B.A. student becomes perfect for solving all managerial and administrative problems. He can make good manager after passing out M.B.A. MBA is not just one field but group of specialized field . From this large group you have to choose any one for the sake of making your career. In MBA , finance , marketing , personnel or human resource management is also included . In other words , MBA means Complete master in administration . Before starting this subject , political persons could work in this field . Only political administrators deemed as essential part of management . But after starting this course , New and unpolitical background candidates comes in this field and made their career . MBA word becomes the sign of reputation and this field is growing day by day. Every organisation management is operated by MBA scholars .

MBA has become the sign of good management of any organisation . MBA word links also business schools .

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