Saturday, September 27, 2008

What can do the MBA student

dear friend ,
It is not proper question of my title , actually the proper question is that what can not do the MBA students . There is no field in whole where MBA student's value is equal to nil. It means , A MBA student can do every work in whole work . He is doing the administration of agriculture sector , industrial sector , service sector . He can prove that it is the needed that he will be in any type of business , manufacturing , wholesale now also in retailing because now some of institute start MBA in retailing sector .
Why ?
you are not making your career in the field of MBA .
There are following reasons for choosing this sector .

  1. Security of placement
  2. Best professional education
  3. Best for decision in the field of management
  4. MBA can do every work in critical situation
  5. Whole / Global business is becoming the lover of MBA

Then why are you waiting for any other career .

Join MBA for best professional career .

Best of luck

from Vinod Kumar

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