Friday, March 7, 2008

conventions of accounting?

Ans. conventions are notstrict rules but these are guidlines .

main convention of accounting

  1. convention of disclosure

according to this convention ,''business man show full information in his profit and loss account and balance sheet . He does not misguide by not giving information in his final account . He must disclosure all correct information not only in final account but all statements prepared by him.

2.convention of consistency

according to this convention ,''the rules , regulation , system & method of maintainging accounts must be consistt . it is because , it helps to comparison and result from information.

3. conventionn of conservatism

according to this convention ,'' anticipate all future loss and create reserve for them . but do not provide any estimation for future profit.

4. convention of materiality

convention of materiality is very good convention , it guides us that accountant should record only useful and valuable transaction and event . He must be avoid or ignor all unvaluable or useless transaction or event so that cost of recording will be minimize

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